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produced by Tummy Wilson


This writer’s block’s like the water's damned, flowing like a stream but the pipe is clogged
Cause more stress than a man's wife divorced
And she took the house, and the kids that your life has bought
That she never earned so this is robbery via the courts
Traffic jam all collision everything
Going nowhere at the speed of light except the wind
Maybe it will whisper something for me to pen
Bad predicament to explain, let me begin
It's like I’m going blind
Can’t see why I’m spending all this time, on a line, and I can't cross it
The strife's constant
Milllion thoughts on my mind, but it’s not helping what I am tryna accomplish
I can't piece 'em together, man this is puzzling
How can I look at the box when it comes from within
The director script writer, Brothers Grimm
Surely it can't be this hard to score another win
When Ghost spoke? Told me never force a flow
So if it's not on auto, then it borrows my control
Though the ball of the pen rolls, let it roll right out your soul
And when momentum takes its toll, I gotta break it down some more
Good advice Tone, but you know me
Closer to the end? Not even remotely!
And I'm a battery short for the Midas touch
Lego, Duplo, size of the writer's block

Time has stopped, I can’t push the pen to write
Holding me to ransom man what a crime
More than money that’s on my mind
But I
I pray the words come to me, the words come to me
The words come to me this time
I pray the words come to me this time
It ain't just the rhymes, that define, all the lines, WRITER'S BLOCK

This writer’s block has gotta stop
Or I'll… I'll... Just... find something else to do
Procrastination waiting for me need a miracle
Watching American idol, recitals I can ridicule
Looking around the room, inspiration is minimal
My phone's on loud but no doubt, I'll search around
Clearly in denial like I might've just missed a call
How, mystical, now, here is a thought
Better now if I find something hard
And I don't start then I won't fail a fool's problem but
Between the great things we can't do and the little things we won't do
The danger is we'll do nothing
I never claimed my diction, slapstick but
Jokes on me my thinking, captive
I’ll flip a line from Summer High ain't catch the triple meaning
Say it another time bulimia is sublime
Green-eyed from my past life I remember the nights
Deprived, of time my imagination described
The kind, of adventure adolescents would hide
One’s mind, naivety and courage combined
That was then, this is now it's like my time is up
The pad is wondering why, I won't confide as much
‘Bout to put the pen down and wait - I forgot
To busy writing to note I broke through my writer's block



from One Day Closer to Everything​.​.​., released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved