Summer High Suite

by Jaunty

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Interpretations of summer

Enjoy this free promo material supporting the release of the new single and video/short film ‘We Must Remain Friends’, from the debut EP夏霧 の 頃、日本 に 戻りたい, Once Again, One Day...’, OUT AUG 18th!!

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Recorded and mixed by @loudmouthmelvin @ Loud Studios except tracks 4 & 7, mixed by respective producers

Artwork by @DGrafiks


released August 5, 2012

Features production from @LoudmouthMelvin, @AaronJaunty, @KNite13, @Nolan Irwin, @SamZircon, KA$H BEATS aka @NolanIrwin & @Juke_boxxmusic



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Track Name: We Must Remain Friends feat. Bella Soul & Dan Donovan (K-Nite 13 Alt. mix)
If you knew how long it took to find you
Eyes wide; shaded sky blue
It’s so cold, it’s so cold, it’s so cold…
Left or right, what’s the right move?
My poor rose petal, as the snow fell
I asked the clouds for my fortune, but they won’t tell
I’m on the right road; I approach with the slow steps
To find the gates closed, only they know how this oaf felt

My ‘しょうせいえん‘
My life won’t be the same
When we meet, a sight only for the brave men
The beauty you hold
I swear that time froze even though, I know the day ends
But I know, I know
I know, I know that
‘We Must Remain Friends’

So I return, we’re late and we’re young
Like the light, not the ‘natti, not a mason
And though gates gladly greeted adjacent
I’m gunnin’ ‘cause you’re a hundred more stunning in today’s sun
Than a grey one, what you offer me?
Peace… All for 500円 a piece? Please…
Serenity right here in these streets
Makes me smile like I’m up a mile on a mean streak

It started with hello, goodbye soon
Hope the bad die slow but the good die too
Made it through the winter for the warmth of high noon
The silence was nice
The quiet in your eyes, once we melted the ice with the skies
But here’s my cue to go
Will I be back? Don’t do that but you should know
The colour green never seemed so beautiful

(Chorus) X 2