Animal feat. Skillit

from by Jaunty

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produced by Aaron J


I'd rather do more walking on these beats than talking in these streets
That's more for the impeached
I transform to a beast in his prime time
I'm foul mouthed with it no cavities
Covered in dirt, so down to earth
But out to win awards based on performance like Gravity
So why they're tryna get a rise?
Probably cos I cause calamities without a cavalry just casualties
Been AWOL for a bit, you wanna know the latest
Still a dude of a nature to make the kinda statement
I'd jump inside the matrix
Eat the red and blue pill, just to see what the taste is
Then suggest some flavours, you will respect the status
Forget who you came with
And to the haters, when I've made it too late to catch the vapours
Change your lane in this game like Sega

What you tell them now?
2nd time round for this animal
Call this the 'Battle of the Alamo'
What you tell them now?
Pardon my grammar though
Just tryna catch your ears from your gramophone
What you tell them now?
2nd time round for this animal
This the battle of the Alamo
What you tell them now?
Pardon my grammar though
Just tryna catch your ears from this gramophone
So what you tell them now?

Dolo I'm loco whole vision total in slo-mo
On the corner of lust and greed, looking for hope yo
Don't know, wonder why I'm oh so far from home though
And I won't know, I'm not solo,
But all I see is certain vocals getting promo
And it's so cold knowing the game is in a choke hold but I won't fold
If I focus walk the right path I'll make it through the swarm of locusts
Gonna start and end this jawn with the same train of thought on-the-low though
Roll in a Polo, with the dreams of a Honda Civic
Hoping one day the Merc’s waiting for me to jump up in it
Hungers infinite, want the funds but don't wanna pivot
I just hopped out the Lambo pardon if I'm cocky with it
But I don't own that whip, back to what I am rolling with
Reality's very clear 'bout what I can hold in both my wrists
Wanna play hard then-I-gotta work hard, or else know the risk
Toast the fifth, nah I chose to win


//Pardon my grammar though
There's rules to this, I wrote my own manual so I could cope
The carbon copies on a downward slope amounts to average flows
Who we gonn' hold accountable?
I'll one trick 'em spit another BattleAxe!?
Just shock value? That ain't my habitat
Them gimmicks that image figures you been dead
More impressive than a speech from Nick Clegg
Beat made by my brother call this incest
Money to make with Loose Threads so I invest
Like Clint in them old movies, east meets west
This town ain't big enough for-the both of us want the world instead
I should be gassed, find me with my mama jama,
That's my present, god's gift like Dalai Lamas
To match it, I stay fresh, dipped in Mayamada
My niggy proposition? I got the answer



from One Day Closer to Everything​.​.​., released July 14, 2015



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