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I'm one day closer to the truth, running towards the answer
Word to Locky cos he ran farther
Closer to peace of mind that's what I'm after
But if you had a piece of my mind, you'd probably need the pie chart so
My hand hugs the pen like a martyr
I sketch the art, maybe one day I’ll draw a Gallardo
You hear the song though
It means I'm closer to Yoshida Minako
Closer to the man getting rid of me, sickening
It's strictly business never personal learnt that from E and P
Tryna stack the P the government is tryna take the P
Need therapy, slow they take dough away from OAPs
I'm, closer to, peering in the sky
Maybe I’ll ;ook, long enough, losing fear of light
Come in my window light my tomorrow bring a dearer wife
Closer to sharing if the pairing is right, I’m closer to…

//Another dawn, another day, another night
I'm-one day closer
Another born, another reign, another life
I'm-one day closer-to…
Closer, I'm one day closer
I'm one day closer to everything


Like conscious of mind
Knowledge desire of what
Tomorrow will hide, what will I'll find
More than nothing inside
My spirit's guide past the narcissistic vibes
A harsher divide
I’m crossing the Nile, to pastures divine
Uphill I climb
Yeah, closer to you
@AaronJaunty get closer to this dude
Lean over the balcony, get a closer view
Rewind the rhyme dissect, meaning number 2 I’m closer…
Leveraging blessings with weapons of words
Never forgetting the lessons I've learnt
Less the apprentice more legend
Happy endeavours for whatever it’s worth, I’m closer to
NO! I have a little more time left and I’m next
With a voice to get off of my chest, Poor Righteous
Call me Father Jaunty I digress Lord I guess
I can follow closer the right steps
Hoping one day I will hear angels sing
Through it all protected from devil’s kin
Brought from God, like the songs Dwele bring
One Day Closer to Everything…


from One Day Closer to Everything​.​.​., released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved