The Anthem feat. K​-​Nite 13 & Skillit

from by Jaunty

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produced by Aaron J


I snuck up with my brother from another mother
This I time I got another brother from another mother
"I Think You Get the Point!" and some
Robbing your, ears with this Anthem, stick your hands up, make some noise
Gotta be deaf and numb, only way you're not feeling it
My instinct, with my ink stick, that’s my instrument
And I’m flicking it, kaisho, strokes different
Calligraphy, epiphany telling me scripture’s sick
You hear the flow, from depths within, the penmanship
Jury acquitting kids, like Zimmerman, ridiculous
Tell 'em from your lungs that you had enough
They say there's no justice there's just us
They don't want me to put these black gloves on
Black panther not murderer in case you judged wrong
Mark Dugan, like it's nothing
We riot in your name, light a flame this is The Anthem

(K-Nite 13)
Don't let the baby face fool you, I've got a screw loose
You make the kinda music I snooze to
You get a couple digits on YouTube and get gassed
But never touch the bitches you move to or get smashed
Close to the end like a shift on a Thursday
Still draw your chick on my worst day
Couldn't own a bit of my wordplay, your style is too basic
Face it, you make tracks for the A-list but don't playlist
Fake shit, make shift, bait chicks
Thinking you're a phoenix, can never keep that flame lit
Hit 'em with the penis and now she's going ape shit
Nigga I'm a genius, and different from these bait pricks
You're an epic fail, fuck a record sale
Your chicks on her knees, my dick's raised like it's read in braille
Your set is stale, oh f'ing hell
I hope you get f'd in jail, nigga

I gotta go battle, 'cos I couldn't think of a concept
Go raggo like, fuck the nonsense
Beyond strength, Aretha Franklin, kill them softly
BattleAxe, get them stabbed in half like King Joffrey
Can't stop this, like Rain when it's after dark
With your wife, she's topless like she Ned Stark
When we did the damn thing, I don't even know her name
Jane Doe got the crows, flocking to bone like Jon Snow
But this ain't the Game of Thrones
You dun know, different show, music reflect different colours like kaleidoscopes
A wiley folk, the flow I got, it got me cruising
Try to stop the wave, you're gonna see that you're fishing for a bruising
Chumps step up to get beat down
It's all loss, get ta' petrified, you'd better recognise, I'm D-Lo Brown
Your Drozdov, 2 bars and you're dead, remain calm or you're dead
Put these rappers to sleep like there's two arms on your head, Skillit


from One Day Closer to Everything​.​.​., released July 14, 2015



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