For the Stars *​*​*

from by Jaunty

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produced by Loudmouth


I'm chillin’ rekindling my kinship with Mars
The moon’s jealous wondering why I’m grilling the stars
The stars think, I’m unwilling to finish my tasks
When it’s planets I can’t even get my ambitions past
The feeling if it’s lasts, and more importantly what I’m envisioning to grasp
By rhyming hymns and psalms
Clean my craft, the themes unlike parks
More like late teens park themed dark paths
Until my dying day, tryna stay humble
Making this music for the zoos and the jungles
Rather be on a stage near you than C-list starve
Celebs in abundance
Get me outta there so I can be my opening act
Rather be that than a closer in fact
Let me share with you the way to keep the loving intact
Relax you wanna be a sheep? Just don’t be the wolf in the pack

This one’s for the stars
The stars, for the stars
The stars, for the stars
For the stars, yeah, this one’s for you
This one’s for the stars
The stars, for the stars
The stars, for the stars
For the stars, yeah, this one’s for you

Set your sights high, you wanna be the king in the pack?
Better make sure the queen’s got your back
A sad death is what you die, head facing the sky
'Cos the clothes never fit the guy like Macbeth
This ones’s for the stars! Yeh, you, you and you
And after all of the nagging is through
Finish school, then let your parents miss you
Head for the stars like a space missile
They said that you would never make it
Like you didn’t equip the dough to bake with
This game ain’t like a toy waiting-to-play with
When there are serious stakes in all the favourites
How you viewing your future?
I’m doing me, yes, but what about you bruh?
You stuck in your past, or, you trying to move on
Forever a student, then maybe a tutor but never a loser


Return to the very definition of it
Couldn’t leave me further from the fame
Even if everybody had to know my name
The legacy would be protected by the sane
They thump chests outta respect, they claim me to be
A master of ceremony, believe
How could I not wanna be seen in a three piece on TV
With awards at the ceremonies, for real
Metal mentalities coupled with fantasies
Got me flying galaxies free-fall
The champions want the queens cream in medals
Swam with the rest now imma leave-her-pool
I am the Gerrard of the team was the Torres of your dreams
The Carragher for you fiends
Everything in between, the spirit from the fans of the league
The fam understands what this means



from One Day Closer to Everything​.​.​., released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved